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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  February 15, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tawdry scandal. new drama for italy's billionaire prime stin ster. >> he's going to trial, accused of soliciting a child prostitute. >> i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> sex scandal, italy's prime minister is facing charges that he tried to solicit a child prostitute. >> reporter: an italian judge is asking prime minister civilio burles connie to stand trial. the stor-year-old has did nighed any wrongdoing -- denied any wrongdoing. prosecutors say he paid to have
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sex with a girl known as ruby the heart stealer. she was 17 when she attended parties at his villa. prosecutors also allege that when she was arrested he used his power to have her released. he claims he never had sex with her, although she admits he gave her $71,000. >> reporter: could face up to 15 years in prison. >> they are facing three other court cases. he claims he is the target of prosecutors who will stop at nothing to oust him from power. the judiciary is attempting a coupe, says this burles connie supporter. but increasingly, italians disagree. >> i hope he gets what he
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deserve -- deserves. >> reporter: burlusconi is getting a lot of protest. >> and the trial will begin april 6th. deadly anthrax probe. vic is live in the newsroom to explain what the report means. >> they said the fbi overstated the evidence when they said former fort detrick bruce ivins was to blame. they admit the evidence against ivins was entirely circumstantial. they would not say if they believed he was guilty. ivins killed himself as he was about to be indicted in 2008. >> the scare paralyzed the
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postal service. angry parents wonder how it happened again. for the second time in one week, dicky hill school is evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak. >> reporter: this leak happened in exactly the same location it happened one week ago. and firefighters say they know where the deek leek is coming from. -- the leak is coming from. >> reporter: at about 7:30, an unusual odor was reported in the cafeteria. once hazmat and firefighters arrived, they determined there was a carbon monoxide leak and evacuated the school. >> we later identified a rotisserie style, cooking appliance in the cooking area. >> reporter: 45 students and faculty were evaluated and all found to be fine. except for one student complaining of stomach cramps who was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> knowing it's a gas leak and
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they can get sick and be in a hospital. >> reporter: this is the second scare for parents, as last tuesday, there was a similar leak again in the cafeteria. no one was seriously injured. >> last week was an actual leak from a malfunction of a steam table. this week, it's a combination of them that we're evaluating. but we really don't know if the oven malfunctioned or if the exhaust system isn't working as well as it should. >> reporter: this leak was 52 parts per million. considered low, but can cause serious illness, if exposed for a long time. >> reporter: baltimore city schools say they are evaluating the oven, which leaks c.o. today, and execking -- checking the exhaust system. it won't be turned on again this will the -- until the problem is fixed. and city school leaders say students will return to dicky hill tomorrow. stabbed to death in broad daylight just minutes after getting a restraining order against her husband. today, veronica williams goes
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to trial against her husband. there is a critical piece of evidence against cleveland williams. >> four days before, he wrote a letter outlining his plans for doing it. veronica williams was attacked in front of witnesses on north avenue, november 2008. she died three days later. williams said he wrote the undelivered later -- letter because he was upset. today, a judge ruled that letter can be used against him at his trial. >> williams is claiming he is not criminally responsible for his wife's death. friends and family gathered today to honor the life of long- time orioles umpire attendant ernie taylor. a funeral mass was held in forest hill. tyler will be laid to arrest friday. tyler worked 3,819 consecutive home games for the orioles from
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1960 to 2007. his sons are now the orioles' home and visiting clubhouse managers. ernie tyler is survived by his wife and children. it is cooler. skies and clear -- are clear and sunny. but it's a bit chilly today. meteorologist bernadette woods has more as we get become to normal conditions. >> it is amazing. the sun usually makes you feel a little better. sort of bumps it up a couple of degrees out there. but this is what we have going on down there. so far today, we've topped out at 45, which is actually our average. and as you were just saying, compared to yesterday, it is much cooler, on average, between 15 and 20 degrees cooler. and you notice, out west, the cool air had already moved in at this point. that's why you're seeing a two- degree plus change. that cooler air is making its way across the stage.
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our warmup kicks in for tomorrow. >> that works out very well. thank you, bern. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin. >> hi, everyone. the delays are definitely starting to build out there. you'll see slowing there from york road to harford road. actual speed now about 45 miles an hour. also delays to watch out for on the west side inner loop, as you make your approach to security boulevard. moving to 95 boulevard, no problems in the northbound direction. but southbound slow there. as far as accidents go, philadelphia road and ridge road, also in the same road, westbound golden ring road at wayburn. and taking a look at overall drive times. 795 to 95. 54 miles an hour average. and 12 minutes to get by. let's take a live look. you can see traffic moving by fine there. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online for a free
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consultation. buckle up. more people are using seat belts today than ever before. a new government study shows 84% of americans are using the seat belts in the front seat. a worry, though, is that only three-quarters of the country is clicking the belt in the back seat. in maryland, anyone under 18 must use a seat belt in the back seat. but adults are encouraged to use them as well. president obama unveiled his 3.73 trillion dollar budget plan. joel brown reports for wjz. the president defended what was included in the plan, as well as what was not. >> reporter: the president spent much of the news conference, fielding questions on what he chose to leave out of his budget plan. social security and medicare. >> this is going to be a negotiation process. >> reporter: republicans have blasted the proposal for its record $1.65 trillion deficit. and for the fact that it doesn't cut social security or
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medicare. the government spends more on those items than anything else. but they say even though democrats and republicans are far apart, they will find common ground. >> i'm confident we can get social security done. by parties coming together, making some modest adjustments. >> reporter: the president says his plan is just the first stage of the budget debate, focused on stabilizing the deficit. >> reporter: republicans argue the president's cuts don't nearly go far enough. pointing to the $3.73 trillion price tag. >> the president has presented a budget dripping in red ink. more red ink than we have ever seen in the nation -- in the history of the nation. >> we're broke. it's time for us to get serious about how we're spending the nation's money. >> with both sides far apart on next year's budget, house republicans are also leading a charge to slash $60 billion from this year's spending. the month ahead won't be a
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fight over whether to cut but a battle over how deep. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president's budget does call for some spending increases. in areas like infrastructure projects and education. >> a rare look behind the scenes today, at baltimore- based underarmour. the clothing company and shoe company opened the doors to its brand-new innovation lab at tide point in baltimore. they test new products under all kinds of conditions. you'll see more of underarmour's cutting edge stuff coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. i was inside today. that's my story. >> working out? >> no. i was watching everybody work out. >> just inspire us. >> that guy is the national champion of like mixed martial arts. >> really? >> yeah. he is no body fat. >> looked fit? >> amazing, amazing. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. blinded by the light. the news helicopter that nearly crashed when hit by a laser
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strike. building explosion. the new piece of evidence that could help find the source of the deadly allentown blast. and tough times continue. there's a major retailer in baltimore that is hiring for 500 jobs. don't miss consumer watch. we're back to normal temperatures today. but spring-like weather is coming back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a helicopter pilot in california. police are looking for the person responsible. cameras were rolling when the green laser, look at it, shining right here, went right into the cockpit. police on the ground. the faa says dangerous incidents like this one are becoming more frequent. last week, another man in california did a similar thing and is facing up to 20 years in prison. police say a man found a
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live grenade a few feet from a popular park. the bomb squad was called in. no one was hurt. and police don't know the source. had it gone off, experts say it would have killed anyone within 15 or 20 feet. it is a super bowl for canine fans. the westminster dog show kicked off in new york city. and the competition is fierce. as manuel gallegus reports, tonight, the best in show will be crowned. >> reporter: they're bold, like best in breed winner james, the grit dane. and sweet face, tommy, the welsh welsh springer, who can do without the crowds. >> he doesn't like them. >> natural eared thelma. and yoshi looks more like something you'd clean the floor with. >> how long does it take you to clean? >> yeah, where is the washer? >> it's wall-to-wall pooches. and down to the wire as these rarest of breeds get ready to trot in the spotlight.
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>> reporter: of the more than 2600 dogs competing here at show, first they have to win best of bride. then they have -- breed. then they have to be best of seven dog groups. and of those seven, one of is them is chosen -- one is chosen best in show. >> we've never had an italian judge here. we haven't had a nonnorth american judge here since 1930s. >> reporter: and it's not just a competition for the dogs but the owners and handlers who want to look the best. and we couldn't help but notice a certain resemblance in outfits -- >> you don't want to clash with your dog. >> and hair styles. >> everybody says that. and if i don't straighten it, it looks exactly like his. >> no ifs or bones about it. >> good boy. >> manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> all about the treats for dogs. always about the treats. last year's best in show
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winner, sadie, the scottish terrier. not a great day on wall street. the major markets were down. dow was down 42. s&p off 4. nasdaq down 13. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. it's a new era for the new york stock exchange. the 219-year-old symbol of american cal tappism -- capitalism with merging. it's an all-stock deal. and joy will own 60% of the combined company that they say will create the largest financial market. the new name has not been announced. but the company will have dual headquarters in new york and frankfurt. >> retail sales rose for the seventh straight mont. but the increase was the smallest since june. retail sales rose just 3/10ths of a percent, about half what economists predicted. analysts say bad weather kept
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many people home and away from the mall. oil prices rose above $85 a barrel. violent street protests in iran are raising fears fears that crude supplies could be disrupted. and delta and american are raising the prices from first class tickets by up to $120 round trip. this is the second biggest in airfares. oil prices were high and the economy was weak. that gives them power over fares. now, travel demand is rebounding. that's your money watch. for more business headlines, head to cbs money watch document. at -- at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. the much-anticipated sports illustrated is heating up stands across the country. the magazine was released today. it was not appearing on newsstands. it is also available on sports and of course, as a mobile app for the android and iphone.
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this is the 48th edition of the annual swimsuit edition. on the cover this year, 25-year- old russian model, her name is irenea shake. right there. right there. >> okay. and that's how you spell it? >> yes, it is, kai. >> should be some good articles in that one, for sure. >> always. i always hide it from my children. my boys. all right. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. hailed a hero. a cab driver's frightening encounter with a serial sniper and the injuries he has to show for his bravery. i'm ron matz at the camden yards parking lot, where extreme athletes once thrilled big crowds. now, the dew tour is headed to ocean city. story coming up on wjz. and a bright, sunny day out there. but we're waiting for a warmup. we're tracking the change in your first warning weather forecast. top stories on
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instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,, [ male announcer ] why do we channel the speed, clarity, and power of light into pure 100% fiber optics and bring them straight to the home? ♪ because the best devices deserve a network that's light-years ahead of anything else.
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♪ verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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it is a beautiful picture of a day out there. >> it is. >> it is. >> it's chilly. >> even though it is much cooler than yesterday, these are actually our averages. this is not markettic air that we've had pretty much the last two months. we've cooled down. it's been down into the 20s for our highs. today, we're in the 40s for our highs. so there is a difference going on. we've definitely turned a corner 45 degrees for our high. and you can see, it's right on parwith average. and tonight, going with our season before us. after that, another warmup comes our way. we drop to 38 in elkton at this point. and winds are still out of the northwest and not nearly what they were yesterday, as we well know with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. but as compared to yesterday, here's the cooler air coming in.
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started in baltimore. a 15-degree swing. farther southeast, you go, over 20 degrees from this hour yesterday to this hour today. when we hope it up, i want to show you, not much arctic air going on in the entire country. here's the cool air moving in. it's cycling its way through. and headed out to sea. and it's 77 degrees in dallas. not even a week ago. temperatures got down into the teens. and there was snow. and also, just off to the north in oklahoma and arkansas. minus 20 to 30 below zero. just a few days ago. so this is quite a swing that we're seeing around the country. that's the air we're going to tap into. and it will start our way tomorrow. and will continue for the next couple of days. and it's all because of this storm system in here. we'll see some clouds from it tomorrow. patchy clouds. that's about it. but we jump into the 50s for our highs. and the warm front swings through thursday. as soon as the warm front clears us, we are putting in
4:25 pm
the really warm air to the south. there's the high that gives way. here comes the warmer air for the next couple of days. outo the waters, -- out on the waters, those winds will start to pick up. we'll see small craft advisory go into effect. going into the 20s for our lows. then tomorrow, here it comes. 54 degrees for our high. then we're close to 60 on friday. pie friday, upper 60 -- by friday, upper 60s for our highs. so warmup continues tomorrow and we'll continue for the next four days around here. >> we like it, bern. we're getting used to it. don't miss the seeks prime time lineup at 10:00 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. troubling information. new e-mails from an arizona college that may have prevented the horrific deadly shooting in tucson. new goodlines -- guidelines for women at risk for heart
4:26 pm
disease. don't miss healthwatch. revolution is sparking protest across the region. ,,,,,
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i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking b. >> sparked a new wave of protests. and cbs news polls shows most americans agree with the way the president handled the crisis there. >> the streets of cairo this morning are calm as the focus here shifts from demonstrations to negotiations. the military has convened a panel to discuss changing the constitution to facilitate free elections in six months' time. mubarak was thought to be in the red sea at the sharm el- sheik, amongst rumors that the 82-year-old's health has taken a turn for the worst.
4:30 pm
meanwhile, protestors have been energized in iran after this cell phone video yesterday. the protestors chanted, whether cairo or tehran, death to the oppressors. they were met with tear gas from the police. iranian lawmakers called for the death penalty for opposition leaders who organized the protest. fearful for a repeat of the mass demonstrations that followed presidential elections in iran in 2009. in bahrain, home to the u.s., one man was kill said for a protest. >> another day of clashes between security forces. and in yemen this morning, more demonstrators rallied against president salle, who sent thousands of supporters onto the streets to try to stop him. >> it is anybody's guess, whether they will topple these in the short term. but in the longer term, it's
4:31 pm
becoming increasingly clear, the fall of hosni mubarak has changed the middle east forever. we have breaking news about a cbs correspondent covering a story in egypt. cbs news is reporting that lara logan, her crew and a team of security, were surrounded by an angry mob during the celebration of president mubarak's resignation. this is a photo of logan just moments before she got separated from her crew. now, according to her crew, she suffered brutal sexual assault. she was saved by a group of women. she returned to the united states the next morning. she is currently in the hospital recovering. did they take the appropriate steps in helping congresswoman gabrielle giffords. kai is in the newsroom with details. the arizona republic oshtained a series of e-mails from police at pima community
4:32 pm
college, warning that accused shooter jared loughner. he was released after the professor said he was acting strange in class. a week before the shooting, they planned to distribute a picture to watch for the former student. it is not clear if that ever happened. another person talked about disturbing videos that loughner posted on you tube but said he doubted there was anything that could be done. >> loughner is charged in federal court, with attempting to kill congresswoman giffords and staffers. we're hearing today from a man being hailed as a hero for a deadly rampage in new york. as duncan reports, the man subdued even after he was stabbed. >> he got me in the back of the head, right about here. and here. >> reporter: joe lazito's stab wounds prove he wasn't afraid. when and you hear about what happened to this philadelphia
4:33 pm
man in new york city. >> he takes out a knife and says to me, you're going to die, you're going to die. >> reporter: it's a miracle he's even alive. >> i was scared to death, honestly. you don't everybody anticipate anything like that. >> reporter: lavido, who works at the box office had no idea police were looking for gelman of brooklyn. he was wanted for killing four people in a span of 24 hours. but when gelman pulled a knife out on 6'2" lavito on a subway, lavito was determined he would not become another victim. >> i decided to fight. and i didn't want to fight. i have a family and they needed me and i needed them. and i knew if i didn't do something, he would carve me into pieces. >> two officers jumped in to help. and he then called his wife andrea. >> when i got the phone call, i couldn't believe it. on one hand, i was shocked it all happened. and obviously grateful that he was not seriously, seriously hurt. >> reporter: those who work
4:34 pm
with and know andrea have a new name for her husband. >> he's a hero. he's a hero. i'm so proud of him. >> reporter: and people who live near the family in northeast philadelphia are anxiously awaiting joe lavido's return home. >> i'm lucky i have him in the neighborhood in case anything happens. if anything happens down the street, i'll knock on his door. >> reporter: lazito is still recovering from the stab wounds as you just saw. but he says he'll be just fine. a young father killed in a hit-and-run accident. they say a ford econoline hit 29-year-old jason cheslick in overly. he walked out between two parked cars on hazelwood avenue when the van hit him. the van's front end and left headlight could be damaged from the crash. crackdown on distracted driving. maryland lawmakers want to add more teeth to the state's ban on cell phones while driving. one new bill would make talking on a handheld phone and driving a primary offense.
4:35 pm
that means police could pull you over if they catch you in the act. another bill would ban reading text messages and e-mails even when you are stopped in traffic. get ready to pay more money, the next time you go to the grocery store. vic, you can blame the weather and just not ours. a major freeze in mexico means a shortage of produce at grocery stores. we're talking food like tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. low supply, high demand, means we will end up paying more if we want these veggies. the cost has trip tripled recently. and we're told the cost could last. well, listen up, ladies. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, new guidelines have just been released to prevent heart disease. sandra hughes reports for wjz on the new risk factors. allison miller developed diabetes during her pregnancy.
4:36 pm
>> i was able to control the diabetes by diet alone. i didn't have to go on medication. >> reporter: miller's levels went back to normal after she delivered. but a new report shows she may carry risk factors for heart disease and heart attack. they have updated guidelines to warn women if they experienced gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, they are at risk for heart problems later on. >> pregnancy is the ultimate stress test for women to have and for future events for heart disease. >> reporter: heart disease is the number one killer of women in the united states. 455,000 women die every year. >> reporter: the new guidelines also give prevention advice to women on diet, exercise, and taking a daily aspirin if needed. >> it's really a calling to be aware of your heart health risk factors -- factors and live that more heart healthy lifestyle. >> she takes extra care to eat
4:37 pm
right and exercise. >> i cut out my carbs and did everything in my power to keep my sugar levels down. >> reporter: this mother of two is doing everything she can to keep her heart healthy. >> reporter: in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, some of the new dietary guidelines for women include eating less than 1500 milligrams of salt a day, and limiting sugar to five or less servings a week. women are losing the battle to get more sleep. researchers found women are much more likely to have to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of someone else. and once they're awake, they spend more time up. it usually starts at breast- feeding babies. then the nightshift is never usually renegotiated. it's back to normal february weather today. outside now. it's chilly, but still sunny and clear. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now, with more on today's return to winter. and spring-like. >> it was a beautiful temperature. normal temperatures got to 45.
4:38 pm
our normal is around 44, 45 degrees. radar is clear. i mean, really not a cloud anywhere. in fact, the whole eastern half, three-quarters of the united states. not much going on at all. looks like for us, after a chilly night tonight, winds go back to the south/southwest. and that's going to bring us another spring-like warmup. we'll take a look at the very nice temperatures in just a few minutes. denise? let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin with wjz traffic control. >> hi, denise, hi, everybody. the problem now is the beltway. if you're traveling on the north side of the outer loop. slowing there from york road to charles street. not looking much better. you're looking at delays there over to harford road. from the west side, security, another 15 minutes to det through. average speed, about 25 miles an hour. as far as 95 goes, no problem to report in the northbound direction. but southbound, brake lights there. as you make your way to the beltway on the northeast corner. an accident also to watch out for. philadelphia at ridge road.
4:39 pm
and plenty of city accidents. and garrison boulevard at piedmont. let's take a live look, as you can see, things moving along well there. and we'll take another live look here. you can see the beltway running west of perring parkway. hyundai is the hottest selling car in america. visit one of your cars today. thank you, christy. if you're going down to ocean city in july, you're going to have a lot of company. the best cyclists and skateboarders in the the world and their fans will be joining those of ow vacation. the dew tour is heading down. >> reporter: baltimore's own bucky lasik is one of the talented extreme athletes you might see in ocean city this summer. the dew tour is headed for sun and fun at the beach. terry hassletine is the state's director of sports marketing. >> it's great news for the
4:40 pm
state of maryland. that they're looking at our great state again to bring skateboarders and bm bikers and the like to our state. >> reporter: he will be doing a lot of this at the beach. and says what you see on tv is nothing like the real thing. >> to see this in person is -- it's a whole other level. >> the dew tour, drawing more than 52,000 fans to the parking lots here at camden yards, creating an exrik impact of more than $10 million. >> reporter: moving forward down the ocean. >> beautiful ocean backdrop. you know, the scenic downtown boardwalk. it's a beautiful vista for media-made event. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the coordinators of the new dew tour are presenting their application to ocean city's mayor and city council today. they are expected to approve it. and i bet, if you start now, you'll be in shape and ready to do that.
4:41 pm
>> never going to happen. never going to happen. but i do like watching that. >> it's cool. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. sometimes tjust doesn't pay to be a hero. the harsh punishment for wal- mart workers who stopped a thief. and convicted killer's parents. and spring is in the air. take a look at the sun. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have an update now on that huge explosion that killed five people last week in allentown, pennsylvania. a four-foot long section of natural gas pipe, has been unearthed at the site and is now being examined. the blast killed five people, including a 16-year-old girl and 4-month-old boy. pennsylvania's governor says it highlights the need to inspect the aging infrastructure. a shocking incident in florida. a police dashboard camera
4:45 pm
captures a woman slamming into a street. the detective suddenly hits a woman walking her bike across the busy roadway. the 46-year-old woman is now recovering at a florida hospital. the trooper remains on duty. neighbors want more lights installed on that road. american amanda knox remains behind bars, convicted of murder. now her parents are facing charges, as well. weijia jiang has more on why her parents are in trouble with them. >> the parent his pretty strong statements about their treatment of her in custody. now they'll have to talk in custody. they are in for charges of libel. police officers say they never harmed amanda knox. knox, her former boyfriend and another man are all serving time for the murder of her roommate, meredith kircher. her parents' trial is scheduled to start july 4th. >> knox's parents did not
4:46 pm
attend the indictment hearing. a spokesman says they have no comment on the charges. a former drug dealer is facing lengthy charges. the man hung his head silently, shortly after hearing the verdict yesterday. prosecutors say the man was upset about a drug debt when he set fire that killed a woman, her four children and four other children sleeping over at a birthday party. he faces up to life in prison. a group of u.s. veterans say they want to change the way the military handles sexual abuse cases. several veterans who say they were sexually abused were on hand. they say individual commanders have too much say. supporters allege that high- ranking perpetrators are often given little if any punishment. a former president, one of the world's richest men, and a basketball legend. they were all honored today at
4:47 pm
the white house with the presidential medal of freedom. >> former president george herbert walker bush, returned to the white house to receive the highest civilian honor. >> his life is a testament to a noble cause. >> reporter: president obama praised the courage of a civil rights icon. >> time and again, he faced down death so all of us could share equally in the joys of life. >> he broke down barriers on and off the court. >> reporter: medal recipient also marched with dr. martin luther king, jr., but also known on the basketball court. he led the celtics to a championship. and the first nba black coach. 475 career home runs. >> reporter: the medal of freedom is given to people who have enriched the culture and made the nation and world a
4:48 pm
better place. >> reporter: president obama honored author, poet and civil rights activist, maya angelou. >> reporter: he also sang praises of the world-renowned cellist, yo yo mas. >> a philanthropist is a lover of humanity. and there is no word that fits warren better. >> reporter: the legendary investor, warren buffett, has pledged to give about 99% of his net worth to charitable causes. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> other winners including germany's chancellor, artist jasper johns and john f. kennedy's sister. a push for peace ends with the cally dalai lama's nephew killed. the nephew had just started a 300-mile walk to push for tibet's independence from china. police have not charged the
4:49 pm
driver in that crash. from heroes to unemployed. two wal-mart employees who foilg foiled an attempted robbery, no longer have a job. they stopped a robber. and a few days later, the store fired the pair, saying they violated store rules. they say though brave, they should not have confronted an armed suspect. home depot is looking for about 500 seasonal part-time associates, as it prepares for its busiest time of year. a surge of shoppers is expected when spring arrives in march. and officials say the store will need lots of help. it's man versus machine in a battle of wits. and it will be fought on set at one of america's most famous game shows. >> this is watson. >> watson is actually a network of computers, containing immense amounts of information. but it's still unclear how it
4:50 pm
will respond to nuance questions from host alex trebek. he is facing the two biggest winners in jeopardy history. >> my money is on the human beings. i want the human beings to win. even though he's sort of cute, that watson. forecast is coming up next. ♪ achievement: loves working capital. ♪ achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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we have breaking news right now. sky eye chopper 13 is or the scene of a stabbing. >> reporter: yes. we're in the southern district. at west across street -- cross street. this is in baltimore city. a man stabbed twice in the upper torso. once in the neck and once in the back. baltimore police have cordoned off an area. at this point, it is not clear whether the suspect has been apprehended. but as you can see, crime scene is ongoing. and detectives remain on the scene. they have west cross street closed at nanticoke. back to you. >> thank you, captain mike perry in sky eye chopper 13. time to check in with pob. he says it's going to get a little cooler today. >> it was about 20 degrees colder this afternoon than
4:54 pm
yesterday. right now, take a look at the temperatures. did get up to 67 degrees. today, we got up to 45. 40 in oakland. not bad. 47, ocean city. look how dry it is. the dew point is 8 degrees. very dry air. and it will get cold tonight. still some spots across northern maryland. it will be back in the low to mid-20s, many spots overnight tonight. as far as the temperatures locally. 46 in washington. and low 40s by the water, as can you see. the winds, nothing like they were yesterday at all. we had wind gusts over 50 miles an hour in some spots. right now, 6, 7, 3. as you can see. not a major factor. no wind chill to talk about. still a little breezy to the lower eastern shore here. it's 14 and 12 over in easton. there's not much going on in the eastern half of the united states. except a few clouds. this essentially is a warm front that has some much warmer air. it's in the mid-60s in denver right now. in the mid- to upper 60s in central montana. that warm air is moving across
4:55 pm
the country. tomorrow, probably about 10 degrees warmer than today. as we head into thursday and friday, we'll jump up even warmer. we may get to 70 on friday, as you can see. not a cloud in the sky. really now to the southwest, there are a few clouds. and we'll see some of those overnight. but the warmary -- warmer air moves in. starts moving in thursday and friday. just really nice weather for the rest of this week. it will be breezy on the bay. bay temps up to 38 degrees. tonight, it will be generally clear. chilly, mid-20s, which is normal. then tomorrow, warming up. there it begins. 54 tomorrow. it will feel very, very pleasant. even more pleasant on thursday and friday. enjoy it. it won't last forever. but it will last the next couple of days. >> okay. we'll take it. >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. anthrax attacks. i'm mike hellgren, at fort detrick. a new report on the government
4:56 pm
scientists believes the fed case wasn't as strong as they said it was. i'll tell you why, straight aheaea,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. scientists raising doubts about the fish's case against a maryland researcher. -- fbi's case against a maryland researcher. these posters say murdered. but it's how this man was killed that has police and his family asking for the public's help. i'm derek valcourt. i'll explain coming up on eyewitness news. a city school is evacuated for a second time in one week because of the carbon monoxide leak. so what are school officials doing to make sure this doesn't happen again? i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead on wjz
4:59 pm
eyewitness news. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. we're following breaking news right now in west baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene of a police chase. captain mike perry, following it now. captain mike? >> what we have is a silver vehicle. it was wanted, i believe, for a carjacking. baltimore county police first alerted the city to this. baltimore city police helicopter, picked it over on the west side here. and the vehicle you're watching here is now speeding through the streets of baltimore. we're on the west side, over near north avenue.


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